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Journal of a Young Buddhist Radical Part II

In April 1981, I journeyed to Japan on a study tour with UCLA Extension on the Gardens of Japan meeting various architects and landscape architects, some who were in the process of restoring historic gardens. We also visited many historic sites ranging from Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, to the Ise Shrine, Todaiji Temple in Nara, Nijyo Castle, the Golden Temple and Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto to name a few. (For an audio file follow the highlighted link   ~approximately 15 minutes). Journal of a Young Buddhist Radical Part II

Journal of Young Buddhist Radical

My Spiritual Autobiography

(Click the highlighted link to hear a brief spiritual autobiography. Approximately 3 minutes.)

Photo: In 1970, the General Director George M. Williams, aka Masayasu Sadanaga of Nichiren Shoshu Academy, now known as SGI (Soka Gakkai International), visited California State University Northridge and gave a talk on Buddhism which I and several other members attended, among them Russ Dilando, Carol Dell, Jim Jay, Lance Stromsoe, and Mike Maeda. Steve Gore leaning over in the background was one of General Director Williams’ special assistants who accompanied him to his speaking engagements.