June 7, 2020

Journal of a Young Buddhist Radical Part II

In April 1981, I journeyed to Japan on a study tour with UCLA Extension on the Gardens of Japan meeting various architects and landscape architects, some who were in the process of restoring historic gardens. We also visited many historic sites ranging from Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, to the Ise Shrine, Todaiji Temple in Nara, Nijyo Castle, the Golden Temple and Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto to name a few. (For an audio file follow the highlighted link   ~approximately 15 minutes). Journal of a Young Buddhist Radical Part II

About jstephens

James C. Stephens was a graduate of a Buddhist Study Academy and a Buddhist leader for fourteen years (1970-1984). In 1978, he married Elizabeth, a Jewish Buddhist at a Buddhist temple. Following an accident in Japan in 1981 while on a Buddhist pilgrimage followed by an intense three year spiritual search through various other faiths and practices, James and Elizabeth made the decision to become disciples of Jesus Christ. James graduated in 1999 with a MA in Intercultural Studies from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies and in 2010, launched http://www.worldviews101.com/ which offers a twelve week course "A Christian Perspective on the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism."

He and his wife enjoy Landscape architecture, gardening, making kombucha and kefir, film, screenwriting, literature, and music.