April 12, 2024

Module 3

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Module 3: Buildings and empires have blueprints. Empires have rulers. Tibetan Buddhists aspire to build Shambhala, a global Buddhist empire.  What is a sand mandala? Who is it dedicated to? Is it just a piece of art? Or does it have another more religious purpose in mind? The first time I heard about the mandalization of politics was at the Seventh International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue at Hsi Lai Temple, the same site where Vice President Al Gore recieved illegal campaign contributions from Buddhist nuns who had declared vows of poverty.

Who is Maitreya? Do Buddhists believe in a Buddhist Messiah? What is the Maitreya Project? Why did the Dalai Lama receive the Congressional Gold Medal from the United States Congress?

Are our leaders asleep at the wheel?  Edmund Burke stated, “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for good men to do nothing.”  The tragedy is that leaders make ill-informed decisions and take actions that open the door to evil. “New gods were chosen, and then the enemy was in the gates.”

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Module 3 Overview:




Module 3.1: The Shambhala Empire:A Historical Cause for Concern





Module 3.2: The Billy Graham of Buddhism and Global Mandala Politics





Module 3.3: Maitreya Project Overview






Module 3.4: Sharing the Gospel or Asleep at the Wheel?