April 12, 2024

Module 2

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Edmund Burke said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”  History is full of valuable lessons, but the characters costumes change with time and we can find ourselves blindsided if we fail to apply those insights to our present day reality. Early on in the study, it was a shocking discovery to establish connections between Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism. As a journalist, one must check and recheck their facts.

Reading the standard lazy pablum of most journalistic boilerplate, “I’m just a simple monk” maybe fine for public mass consumption, but other scholars have dug much more deeply revealing a disturbing cosmology that leaders do well to pay heed to. A skillful god king whose historical mentor, The Great Fifth, co-ruled China. Is anyone in Washington, DC or Berlin or Graz or Tokyo listening?  The Trimondi’s are. In fact  after spearheading the invitation of the Dalai Lama to Austria and Germany and being challenged by him to become Tibetan Buddhists, they were so appauled upon further study of the Tibetan Buddhist system that they penned an 800 page expose on the “Shadow of the Dalai Lama” revealing another less attractive aspect of this intriguing personality, the XIV Dalai Lama, the god-king in exile of Tibet.

In the great sweep of history, is he a part of the Asoka Nine? Or is he ‘the man of peace’ who in the end committs the ultimate betrayal of all he has brought into his circle of influence? The one spoken of in Daniel, “through peace he will destroy many.”  One of the most difficult passages in the Old Testament to understand.

How does one destroy through peace? Can peace actually be a weapon of destruction? Is Hollywood articulating his vision of a new kingdom? How is this being accomplished? Threads of this web’s construction will be explored and blinders removed.

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Module 2 Overview:

Module 2.1: The Tibetan-Nazi Connection

Module 2.2: A Simple Monk, Global Super Star, or the Man of Peace?

Module 2.3: Is Hollywood Buddhism’s Biggest Voice?

Module 2.4: Babylonian Gates, Media & the Simpson’s Christmas Special