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A Response to the Illegal Roundup

by James C. Stephens

February 13, 2017

My response to the headline: 

“Protests Erupt Over Arrests of 100+ Illegals. Feds: They’re SEX OFFENDERS, DRUG DEALERS, GANG MEMBERS”


People time to get back to work. They’re illegals, not undocumented workers.  What does that mean? They knew the rules and broke them. Drug dealers, gangsters! If you are demonstrating for the rights of legal immigrants, fine. That’s understandable. But if you are demonstrating for illegals, yes, illegals for that is what they are, crooks, lawbreakers, then you are part of the problem. Seriously. You may have a PhD, a Master’s you may be brilliant, but sometimes you are simply clueless. You don’t think very deeply about the issue because you have lived in a multicultural world and everybody loves you, at least you think they do, but fail to recognize the reality of a world where fences do make good neighbors, where boundaries are established by God for a very good purpose.

Sure, I know undocumented individuals, and I don’t hate them. I have encouraged them to go about pursuing legal immigration, but I also know adulterers, and just because I know them it doesn’t justify their behavior, nor negate the consequences of their actions. We live in a nation that abides by certain rules, which when broken or go unenforced, send us spiraling into a chaotic abyss.

Illegal aliens have affected our family directly to the tune of nearly one million dollars. I am not anti refugee, but I am against those who willfully break the law , just like I would be against someone coming into my home and helping themselves to my family, my possessions, my peace. I am anti abortion. I am for the dignity of life. Yes, I am for those who desire a better life, but seriously question the judgment of those religious hypocrites who arrogantly defend refugees by misinterpreting Scripture, liken Jesus to a refugee and throw all Biblical caution to the wind, open our doors to those with disease and evil intentions, bypass the important step of vetting and quarantining those who have infectious diseases. And then those religious and political hypocrites making money off refugee programs by showing us all the pictures of poor little children when they know that what is happening in Europe is a calculated invasion by embedded radical Islamic terrorists bent on the destruction and take-over of Western Civilization. Sure there are refugees that should be admitted who are suffering persecution, but that does not mean that ALL refugees should be admitted.

Hey, Facebook and Disney and many of the media companies are hiring foreign workers, not because American’s are less equipped, but because the foreign labor is cheaper. People can outsource, people can study here, people can work here, but what is problematic are companies driven by greed and their bottom line who forget to take care of their own, be they black, yellow, brown, white, red, or whatever politically correct term you want to choose. Come on. Last Christmas, we met the depressed wife of a colorist for Disney who had come alone to a dinner party, because her husband was so depressed because he’d been laid off from his job of 23 years after he’d trained his foreign replacement and now he’s facing foreclosure on his home. Does that sound fair to you? We love the stranger in our midst, but we are also called to question intentions,  care for our family and our neighbor and community as well. It is complex.

Let’s not put our mind on hold and throw caution to the wind. We are not out of the woods as a nation by any means and there are those who would seek to profit from our division. There are those at this very moment who are seeking to spur the divide through agent provocateurs funded by those seeking anonymity under the 501 (c)4 law. Namely Organizing for Action led by Barack Hussein Obama and Tom Perez his former Civil Rights Czar who stated, “we’re going to build the strongest grassroots organizing force this country has every seen.” Yes, they are a shadow force of agitators about 30,000 strong in 250 cities bankrolled to the tune $40 million fueling the outrage across the campuses of America.

Time for sober thinking my friends.