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Halloween Spoiler Alert

  Halloween Spoiler Alert
October 25, 2019
by James Stephens
Friends have said that witches are praying tonite against President Trump at Trump Tower. Of course they do it in October and on Shabbat.
I responded, “Will pray. I’m sure that they will be joined by all their covens across the states. Such darkness. We are reaping what was sown in 1997 when Harry Potter was released. The resurgence of witchcraft in modern apparel and purple hair! One walk around our neighborhood is enough to tell you that the children are running their parent’s lives. All the skeletons are available at your local Home Depot! And people spend a small fortune on staging for Halloween. Crazy.
Sorry to rain on your Halloween parade, but your cheap decorations may be being made by slave labor camps in China. Here’s an NPR report excerpt,
“An Oregon woman was looking at her Halloween decoration last year when she found a letter written by an inmate from one of China’s re-education-through-labor camps. The letter spoke of brutal forced labor in the camp.”
“It was the latest in a series of incidents dating back to at least to the 1990s in which Chinese prisoners in such camps smuggled out letters in products assembled for export to the U.S.”
Back to Harry Potter– I recall in 1999 our neighbor’s kids who were young teens coming up to their Mom and talking about casting spells and riding on brooms when they were all in HP. Their Mom, told them how cool! That in itself sent shivers down my spine.  At that time, Elizabeth and I thought, just wait another 20 years and these girls will be the leading witches in their 30’s and introducing their children and teaching little children witchcraft in the elementary schools.
There is no way people can tell me it’s harmless fantasy. It’s nasty and vulgar witchcraft and openly provides a primer to the occult. I perused the accompanying books years ago in the HP section and was shocked to find books on casting spells and other such trash. But, “they” say it gets the kids reading, they love HP. Right. No… wrong. Feed their little minds with trash and you get trash as an outcome.